5 Easy Ways To Create A High Vibe Home

Sunday, September 27, 2020

The best part about creating a high vibe home is that there is not much you have to do. 

It's simply a process of clearing the field to allow source energy to flow.

Wellness abounds all around us and through us from the heart of source. 

The tips we offer below are not only helpful at home, it can be used at your work place, school environment and even on the go. 

Share this knowledge with friends and family to offer ways to improve their lives and their living environment.

These concepts are simple ways to help restore the natural balance of wellness that already exists within us, by simply clearing unnecessary clutter, both physical and energetic. 

Now... let's upgrade our frequency!

(photo courtesy of Minh Pham on Unsplash)


As soon as you walk into a space with plants in it, you can feel the vitality of the space. The effects of plants are self evident. Be still for a moment and contemplate how much of your life depends on plants. 

We are all aware of the power of plant energy. Plants and humans are life partners in the breathing cycle, we depend on each other for fresh air. 

Plants are our BREATHING BUDDIES.  Being an extension of mother earth and ourselves, it is no wonder plants emit the energy of pure balance to harmonize our immediate surroundings. 

Check out Evolve And Acend's list of 12 Plants That Will Supercharge Your Home With Positive Energy!

You can also start with these beautiful plants on the list below by RawForBeauty to cleanse the air in your living environment!

DIY Bunker has a list of 12 common house plants 

that are safe for cats and help to filter the air!

When it comes to Feng Shui, plants play a significant role in the principles of this ancient practice.

According to Carol Olmstead at FengShuiForLife 

"Houseplants can be an important Feng Shui tool to help activate positive energy in your home or office while they purify the air. Many people think that lucky bamboo is the only Feng Shui friendly houseplant, but there are actually many choices that can fit your d├ęcor. The best time to add a new plant is at the beginning of a new month or at the new year, when it symbolizes a healthy beginning for you and your family." 

Carol lists four main ways to use plants in Feng Shui:

  1. Counteract Negative Energy. Locate a plant within three feet of your computer to filter electromagnetic energy.
  2. Connect with the Outside World. Plants soften the straight lines and angles in your home or office and simulate the feeling of being in nature, where everything curves and flows. Choose plants with round leaves rather than those with spikes or thorns.
  3. Raise a Low Ceiling. Place tall plants in the corners of rooms with sloped ceilings or heavy exposed beams to help offset symbolic heaviness.
  4. Balance the Water Element. Use plants in bathrooms and laundry areas to symbolically “dry up” excess water and balance the room

If you are new to Feng shui plant arrangement, you can keep it simple by starting with the following recommendations.

LED light kits, like the one below are extremely beneficial to plants in your home that can use more sun light.  

Earthing plugs are a great way to enhance the vitality of your house plant. As depicted in the documentary Grounded, earthing plugs ground your houseplant to earth's soil by connecting the plant to earth's energy through wires.


The results can be miraculous! 

I strongly urge you to research and experiment for yourself.

In the documentary, an experiment was performed using sunflowers. As shown in the picture above, the grounded sunflowers kept their vitality for a longer period of time then the sunflowers that were not grounded.

The Earthing Movie is another great documentary about earthing / grounding and is worth checking out on YouTube.

Here's an interesting Tedtalk on HOW TO GROW FRESH AIR with the use of only 3 plants in your environment!

Eating plant based is essential to the quality of our health and well being.

The energetic resonance of our bodies directly influences the energy that flows throughout our environment. 

It's a great habit to include  plant based foods with every meal. I often include uncooked plants with my meals. Eating raw organic foods revitalizes your body.

Here's a great tip to fill your home with plants by using only a handful of plants to begin with. Propogation is the act of using plant cuttings, parts or seeds from a mother plant to grow new plants. Our article about propagating will be avail here soon!


Smudging is a traditional  act of prayer amongst the Native American culture that includes burning medicinal or sacred plants during a ceremony. 

This is one of the most effective ways to instantaneously cleanse your environment with powerful high vibe energy. 

White Sage is one of the most well known herbs that people use for smudging.

Other herbs used for smudging include Palo Santo, Frankincense Lavender, Eucalyptus, Bay Leaves, Juniper and Cedar.   

Remember to be sensitive about the cultural practices you perform and post about. Many of these practices are sacred to indigenous civilizations. 

Be sure to perform your due diligence by researching and cross checking each ceremony and recommended use of herbs before beginning.

It's worth taking the extra time to properly learn about these rituals that you can pass onto your children and future generations to come.

Honor these practices as sacred rituals because that is the original intention for the use of these medicinal herbs.

Recommended times to smudge:

before a sacred ceremony

before any sort of energy practice 

- before and after yoga or exercise 

- before praying

- before meditating

- before moving into a new home

- before and after a special occasion: such as a marriage or a passing 

- early in the morning to clear the energy in your entire home before the day begins, simply walk around with the smoking stick to spread the energy around

- whenever the mood strikes, follow your inner prompting 

* We have curated a few smudging rituals and recommendations on our Pinterest page. ​​​

TheSpruce has a terrific article on how to smudge.

Try making your own smudge sticks. SevenRoses has a lovely tutorial. Or purchase some beautiful ones from independent artisans such as MamaWunderBar  (pictured below) or on Etsy.

The act of Smudging—or burning particular herbs for the medicinal and therapeutic properties of their smoke, is an ancient method that clears a specific space of negativity and allows it to manifests as positive energy. #smudgesticks #smudgebundles #smudging #yerbasanta #cedar


If you are a beginner a simple smudge stick and a heat resistant bowl is all you need to get started. 

We recommend a kit that come with an abalone shell, 2 smudge sticks (variety is the spice of life) and a feather to help spread the smoke!  



IlMyPsychicJane has a list of 30 sacred herbs on her website and this lovely video below. 

Here's another great video!


Crystals would certainly make the list. They are everywhere lately! Having crystals around has turned into a cultural fad. 

The only concern is that it's important for us to recognize crystals as powerful sentient beings rather than decorative show pieces. 

Crystals are pure conscious beings. When we recognize this essence within them they reflect that self recognition onto us. 

Crystals are mirrors. That is why crystal balls have been used for millenniums as an object that can peer into the ethers.



I was surprised to find that Vogue has an article entitled Why Healing Crystals at Home Is the New Feng Shui.

Check out Pedestrian TV's article on  Where To Put Crystals In Your Home For Maximum Good Energy Vibes 

Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly in order to clear any energetic resonance left on the crystal. 

There is a lot of great information on the web about crystal cleansing, including one on TheSpruce. 

CRYSTAL GRIDS are a beautiful addition to your home and a powerful way to amp up the energy within a particular area or for a particular purpose. ​​​

Grid mats come in a variety of materials: including wood to fabric or glass. You can even print or draw your own crystal grid on paper.

EthanLazzerini describes crystal grids as the following:

"Crystal grids are usually an arrangement of crystals, charged with intention in a geometric pattern. They can be created for many purposes. They can be used for healing, protection, love or to manifest something in your life. The possibilities are endless…"

Here's a stunning crystal grid from  ZENandMEOW

When you are ready to bring these beautiful crystalline beings into your home, you can find a local crystal shop or research online for the most reputable sources. 

HealingCrystals has a variety of quality stones. Purchase raw unpolished crystals whenever possible in order to retain the natural energy of the stone as much as possible. 

A WORD OF ADVICE when purchasing crystals online, double check the measurements of the crystal you are purchasing, use a ruler or tape measure for accuracy.  

Often times crystals look larger when pictured online than they actually are in person. There have been a few times that I have ordered crystals and they are either way bigger or way smaller than I thought so save yourself some time and choose carefully the first time. 

Orgonite pyramid crystals have been said to aide in better sleep and help to neutralize emf waves. 

Emf (electromagnetic field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. 

We are energetic beings, therefore we are affected by the emission of emf frequencies. 

Emf is everywhere in our modern society; cell phones, computers, electronic devices all emit emf waves. It's best to research this further if you like to know more. 

You can also visit OrgoniseYourself where Karin has a beautiful article about orgonite and emf protection. 



Orgonite crystals are so beautiful that they are a pleasure to have in your home.

Organite products range from beautiful pendants to keychains,  tower busters and pyramids!

If you're on the market for orgonites, consider supporting independent artisans like the ones on Etsy.  

Here is a list of crystals that neutralize emf waves, naturally allowing the energy of your environment to raise and helping to balance your energy field. 

- Tourmaline

- Shungite

- Sodalite

- Salt

- Flourite

- Pyrite

- Amazonite

- Hematite 

* List courtesy of AskAngeles 

SCIENCE is starting to confirm what spiritual leaders have known for milleniums.

Inventions such as  kirlian photography help to show the effects of crystals by capturing vivid photos of the crystal's energy field. 

Imagine how this effects you and the surrounding environment.

(photo courtesy of IntrepidHearts)

The quartz tower above is photographed using Kirlian photo plates wrapped in Tesla coil, showing the electromagnetic field of the crystal.  

If you are interested in kirlian photography, the camera is available for rent here.

Or you can try making your own using this tutorial.  


Essential Oils are one of our most highly recommended items on this list because they resonate at such a high frequency they work almost instantaneously to quickly expand the vibration of the surrounding atmosphere. 

Essential oils are very powerful so use with caution and research how to properly use them before purchasing.

There are a few significant factors to keep in mind that are essential to the use of these oils, such as the oils not being ingested unless thoroughly researched and being dilluted with a carrier oil before use. 

DevelopGoodHabits has an outstanding post below about how to use essential oils. This site is a great place to start to research the proper use of essential oils. 

Once your research is done, you are ready to begin using essential oils! 

We recommend using therapeutic grade essential oils. 

As depicted in the chart below, Rose oil resonates at one of the highest frequencies in the natural world, known to man. 

Using therapeutic grade essential oils for massages are a wonderful way to relax and relieve tension. 

Wellness abounds within a relaxed state of being. The feeling of relaxation ripples out from your body into the environment. 

Remember to always use carrier oils whenever essential oils are used topically (on your body surface). 

Simply add a few drops of essential oils to your choice of carrier oil to create a powerful aromatic massage oil. 

Test a small patch of essential oil on your skin before use to check for any allergic reactions. 

Here's a chart from FingerprintCosmetics on how to do a skin patch test.

a PATCH a day… – Fingerprint Cosmetics

Just like crystals, essential oils are powerful allies to have in your home. Make friends with these elements of nature. They come carrying high vibes.

Here's a list from TheIndianSpot of 10 recommended essential oils for cleaning!


TrueRelaxation lists 20 ways to Use Essential Oils At Home 

Woman holding essential oil on white background

One of the easiest ways to use essential oils is in a diffuser. Essential Oil diffusers serve so many purposes, they can be one of the most helpful tools for wellness to have in your home.

Essential Oil diffusers can turn any room into a spa. Steam is a relaxing element. When combined with essential oils, this union creates a powerful dynamic duo! 

We can all use a little more relaxation in our lives... breathe it in..... ahhhh .... roma ....theraphy ... 

In place of harsh toxic chemicals, you can use essential oils with other natural ingredients to support a high vibe atmosphere. We've included a few tips below.

Bring your high vibes with you while on the go! These aromatheraphy necklaces help you to keep the high vibe energy of essential oils with you when you are out and about. 

Check out this beautiful Lava Stone necklace sold on Amazon.


Keep your mind at ease with silence. Not only is meditation an effective way to raise your vibration, it raises the frequency of the energy field around you. 

When you meditate, what you are doing is clearing the energy field of your mind and allowing source energy to flow through. 

Once your mind is clear your source energy can shine brightly. 

If you have a busy lifestyle it helps to set reminders to meditate. 

You can start with meditating 3 times a day for 5 minutes: the moment you wake up, during the afternoon and before falling asleep.

Once this schedule becomes a daily habit, dedicate more time to sit in silence.

As stated above, we highly recommend burning sage before your meditation session. If you don't already do so, try using a crystal or meditation bowl to "tune" the energy within your environment.

There are many meditation techniques you can use to aide you in your practice. From breathing, zen, mindfullness and guided meditations to apps, videos and daily programs. Such as this collaboration between Oprah and Deepak Chopra on ChopraCenterMeditation.com

When it comes to all the choices of meditation practices, don't get overwhelmed with the endless variety. We recommend the following: 

- pick a few techniques you would like to start with

- try them out for a few days 

- then decide which method is the best fit for you

- stay with this chosen technique until it becomes second nature

- remember to play along the way, don't take these practices too seriously 

- relax and have fun throughout the process


DoYouYoga has a list of 4 styles of meditation techniques to begin with. 

HERE's a thorough list of different meditation techniques. 


Mindful Mystic Mama lists 11 styles of meditation below.


Heres a helpful video to start with. 

Meditation portion begins at 7:30 for this video below.


If you have young children at home, you may be aware that in order to keep the  peace, it's necessary to include your little ones in your meditation practice. 

Many school systems have adapted meditation practices within the daily curriculum and the students benefit tremendously from this. 

Meditation has been show to be very beneficial to children and can help them be more at ease throughout the day.

Therefore we highly recommend that you include a daily meditation practice in your family's life. 

Invite your children and your immediate family to meditate daily with you. 

It will take time to adjust, and may even be rough in the beginning. But keep at it and with time your child will have less screen time and a deeper connection to their inner self. 

Meditation is one of the most significant practices you can include into your day which will benefit your family greatly and create a peaceful atmosphere at home. It can even free up more of your time because you will be able to get more things done throughout the day with a clear mind. 

Here's a technique from the Montessori Method that you can use to invite your child into the field of silent awareness. This exercise is best suited for younger children, however children of all ages can be interested if you present it in a way that fits their level of maturity. 

Make a sign with the word silence written on it. Walk around quietly with the sign, this intrigues children and peaks their curiosity. 

The Fine Art of Silence

When you know you have their attention sit down and ask them, "How long can you be silent?" Let them answer. 

Then pull out a sand timer (which you had already set up ;) and say, "This sand timer has just enough sand in it to last for 5 minutes before all the sand gets to the bottom. 

Do you think you can be quiet and sit still until this sand timer runs out?" Children love challenges and will be so excited to do this! If they want to stare at the sand timer for the duration of the meditation, let them.

They don't even have to sit for the entire 5 mins in the beginning. With time, consistent practice and gratitude for what they did accomplish, they will get used to sitting longer and start to enjoy the process.

Remember allowance and surrender is the key to peace. The key is for them to  experience meditation as an enjoyable practice. 

You can support this by trusting their inner guide to lead them, this is perhaps the greatest gift you can offer your child.

Stay peaceful by surrendering to the moment and allow your children to adapt slowly to this new way of being. 

Enjoy these practices and the time with your children. Work towards sitting in silence  and have fun through the process.

John Seivert: Breath and your health | TheUnion.com

          (Photo courtesy of TheUnion.com)

Here is our recommended daily family meditation practice:

5 minutes of meditation in the morning  

- 5 minute afternoon meditation, preferably after lunch time when the body is relaxed, either a guided meditation or the sand timer technique described above

- another meditation option is this one moment meditation video below 

- 5 minutes of yoga practice or 3 poses before bedtime (yoga eases the body and would be a great addition to your meditation routine ) 

- you can conclude your child's yoga practice with Savasana


At first glance this may seem like a lot to do, however when you actually start doing these practices daily you will see how quickly the time goes by. And before you know it, it becomes a natural part of your daily life.

Cosmic Kids has a series of charming yoga videos, my children have so much fun with these yoga videos. They also love their wonderful Zen Den videos which are great meditation starters!

The above practices with your children help to put them at ease and therefore create a more harmonious atmosphere at home. 

*** BONUS ***

An essential step to creating a high vibe atmosphere is by cleaning up your home and clearing the clutter in your environment.

Marie Kondo is our recommended expert on the topic of cleaning and organization. 

We have cleaning recommendations along with other ways to create a high vibe home in Part 2 of our High Vibe Home series. We will post it here once it's available.

Enjoy and implement these simple processes to greatly benefit your life and the lives of your loved ones.

We would love to hear from you and see how you personally experience this process of creating a high vibe atmosphere at home. 

Feel free to share your pictures and experiences in the comment section below.  

All the best to you,

Gefa B.

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