Production of The B. Reversible Wrap Skirt

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

I am really excited about this blog post because this is the first clothing item we will be creating for our first public collection. 

B is a lifestyle company that creates sustainable resort wear designed to transform to different styles. 

We offer quality transformative products that serves you in multiple ways by adapting to fit your diverse lifestyle.

At B we design and create products that support an effortlessly beautiful, enjoyable life that is in harmony with our natural world. 

Our designs focus on not only looking naturally beautiful, but also feeling beautiful naturally. We are pleased to say that our products reflect the natural beauty that comes from within.

So without further ado lets get into the production process for the first item of our first public collection!

The very first step in launching our clothing line is to sketch a design. Here are the sketches for the ideas that we had starting out.

We are in the process of creating a tech pack, which we will add here once it's complete.

Next, we source materials. We start by pricing the garment by comparison shopping. 

For this step, I would recommend buying the fabric in person that way you can get a feel for it before buying, however due to the quarantine we are currently under we ordered the fabric online. 

This is a viable option and websites such as Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Mood Fabrics and are very reliable sources for buying fabric online.  

We recommend buying just enough to make and test out the first sample to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with your choice of fabric. Also, make sure you can get more of that fabric if you decide to use it for the final production line. 

Once the first sample is completed and you are satisfied with the results, then ordering fabrics and trims in bulk is a smart way to save money. This lowers your spending costs and increases your profit,  as we show in the chart below.

The estimate on the left is our original estimate when we purchase supplies in small quantities. This is okay for the sample, but not a good idea for mass production. This will cost you more money in the long run and lower your profit.

As you can see on the estimate on the right, we will save a lot of money by purchasing supplies in bulk. This is a much better option to producing a clothing line. 

Of course every product is different and every company is different so choose an option that is the best fit for your particular company and product. 

If you can include a proprietary or unique feature within your product that will increase the value of your product.

B. products are made to transform to different styles. Transformation is a unique function that is a signature of our designs. This versatility increases the value of our products.

For the wrap skirt in particular, the reverse feature of the skirt gives you 2 skirts in 1! This is a great value because:

- the customer saves money by getting the use of 2 skirts for close to the price of 1

- there is less waste for the environment because the skirt is made with quality and intended to last for  decades of use ( sustainability is a standard the fashion industry is beginning to adapt in order to decrease the amount of landfill on our planet)

- this added feature allows the wearer to reverse the skirt for one occasion to another, from day to night or from the beach to a dinner party 

Our intention in the creation of our products is to offer maximum benefit, quality and wellness at an affordable price.   

This is Part 1 of this blog in PRODUCING OUR FIRST COLLECTION segment. 

We will add Part 2 here once it is complete. In Part 2,  we cover our fabric selections, tech packs and garment construction details.

After that we will include Part 3, in which we will describe final production details, photo shoots, and launching our first line for public sale!

I hope you are excited as we are!! If so, stay tuned for further developments.

We appreciate you taking this journey with us and we look forward to seeing you down the road!

All the best to you,

Gefa Banini

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